Liquid Screed

We can install floors to your specification or with our great support from our major suppliers, design a floor for your requirements including all preparation and the under floor heating system.
Supply and lay screeds to your preparation.

We provide a comprehensive service installing insulation, membranes and also under floor heating. Including the design of your under floor heating system or work alongside your preferred plumber to achieve the results you require.

What is a liquid floor screed?

Floor screeds are installed on top of insulation within your home or work place, giving you an extremely flat and level surface to lay tiles, carpets etc.

A liquid floor screed is an efficiently installed liquid flowing screed as an alternative to the labour intensive traditional sand and cement screed.

We are able to supply and install quick drying cement based screeds that are cured within very short periods, typically 14-21 days.

Why choose a liquid floor screed?

  • Liquid floor screeds are a quick, clean way to obtain a smooth, level and accurate floor within your home or commercial property.
  • They are quick to install, we can easily complete a large house in a day and have the capability to lay hundreds of square metres per day.
  • From a tradesman’s point of view you do not have to spend hours and days on your knees levelling out sand and cement screed!
  • The installation involves no wheel barrowing over installed delicate under floor heating pipes, therefore minimising any potential damage.
  • The properties of the liquid screed ensure a very accurate floor for a tiler to lay tiles onto, this reduces time and cost of self levellers etc.
  • The material is an extremely good conductor due to its denseness and capability of ensuring no voids within your floors, therefore retaining and transferring heat from under floor heating, this reduces heating costs.
  • The screed once laid can be walked on within 24-48 hours. A conventional sand cement screed will require up to 7 days. This enables following tradesmen to be more productive and saves time on any build or renovation project.
  • The material will not shrink or crack and can be forced dried using the under floor heating this will again enable finished surfaces to be laid quicker.

How is it installed?

The material is supplied to us in concrete sized lorries, we then install with a pump through flexible rubber hoses. Very easy and clean.